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Migration to ALB Lambda for server side rendering

Migration to ALB Lambda for server side rendering At Nov, 2018. AWS announced ALB can trigger Lambda function. When I saw this news, I thought of that ALB can be attached to Route53. If it is possible, we can have HTTP Endpoint that triggers Lambda function without API Gateway service. TL:DR; If your service uses Lambda to serve SSR and al... Read more

Things IDK as of 2018

Things IDK as of 2018 I was impressed by the blog post written by Dan Abramov and decide to write a similar post too. My intent is NOT to reduce the gap between experienced developers and newbies. I think of that if you want to fix or enhance something, you should know what is the missing part. Recently, I’ve strongly felt about the lack of C... Read more

Send XMLHttpRequest when a browser is closed

Send XMLHttpRequest when a browser is closed When you need to send some meta information when a user tries to get out of your page, you can get this event with beforeunload event or unload event. For the clear communication, I need these methods for sending the log data not sent. From StackOverflow, I’ve got that both events’ callback functio... Read more

Async/Await in React Component LifeCycle Methods

Async/Awiat in React Component LifeCycleMethods Recently I’ve thought of a purpose of the react methods. And one of my thought was ‘Is it okay that Using asynchronous functions in the component lifecycle methods?’ This post is for cleaning up my thoughts about the topic , and might not give you clear answer. Let’s start! Example Code imp... Read more

React Unit test with Jest, Typescript, Redux

Background We’ve been used Jest with Enzyme. However, because of the decorators(or HoC) we barely unit tests for the React components. To do a proper test, I have to mock dependencies, and it’s kind of annoying thing and even sometimes it’s impossible. In the meantime, Jest Provided Snapshot Testing with react-test-renderer. Thanks to these too... Read more