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React Performance Enhancement by preventing the reconciliation and re-rendering

Yesterday, I met the huge delay at the comment input element in Sci-napse. I knew the cause of the problem is React Reconciliation issue. If you want to read more about this problem, I strongly recommend the official site. … WIP Read more

AWS Lambda supports NodeJS 8.10

From today, AWS Lambda supports NodeJS 8.10. You can migrate to the NodeJS 8.10 with this migration guide. tl;dr: just change runtime: nodejs6.10 to runtime: nodejs8.10 at the serverless.yml file. caution IDK why but for some reason, AWS Lambda@Edge doesn’t support NodeJS 8.10. So, If you set Lambda@Edge function in the same serverless.yml fi... Read more

Differences between HTMLElement.innerText and HTMLElement.textElement

When I make the copy to clipboard feature, I found something funny. When I tried to copy with [node.innerText] content, it doesn’t copy the meaningful whitespace. So, I googled it, and found the below content. Differences from innerText Internet Explorer introduced node.innerText. The intention is similar but with the following differences:... Read more