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Things IDK as of 2018

Things IDK as of 2018

I was impressed by the blog post written by Dan Abramov and decide to write a similar post too.

My intent is NOT to reduce the gap between experienced developers and newbies. I think of that if you want to fix or enhance something, you should know what is the missing part.

Recently, I’ve strongly felt about the lack of CS materials like Algorithm, Design Pattern, and also. I want to learn about them and apply that knowledge to our projects. I believe that it’s the fastest way to enhance development skill for now.

So, below’s are the list of things I don’t know much yet.

These are all I can come up with now. I don’t think I have to learn them all this year.

I just wish that I can learn and apply more fundamental CS concepts to our projects.

Just bought some books (GoF Design pattern, Algorithm, … ) and trying to allocate my time to study.

Thanks for reading, and Happy new year!

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